Superlift – sectional opener

Technical Specifications

Configuration Power head & drive rail
Input voltage 240VAC
Motor type 375W 0.5HP AC 4 Pole
Opening lifting force 1000 N
Opening/closing limit travel Up to 4.0 metres
Head room 40mm
Safety reversing system Trim Pot adjustable
Limit system Screw Adjustable micro switch
Receiver type UHF 433.92
Receiver code storage capacity 6 transmitters
Transmitter frequency 433Mhz
Coding type Rolling Code
No of code combinations Over 4.2 billion
Code generation Non-linear encryption algorithm
Hand held transmitters Standard 4 button
Transmitter battery voltage 12 Volts
Globe 60W 240V Edison Screw RC
Door travel speed 150mm/sec
Auto close Dip switch selectable
Photo beams Optional
Carton dimensions 45.5cm x 32cm x 23.5cm
Carton dimesions (3 pcs rail) 105cm x 14.5cm x 12cm
Shipping weight Head 9kg, rail 8kg

Automatic Safety Stop and Reverse

Your child and pets are safe. Correctly set, your door reverses if obstructed going down and stops if obstructed going up.

Secure Remote Controls

Standard four button transmitter with rolling code technology provides state of the art security similar to those found in the most expensice car and home alarm systems. Additional buttons provided can be linked to home alarm systems or automatic gates.

Simple Controls

The colour coded control panel provides for convenient activation of the door, coding of additional transmitters and an interface for the connections of safety beams and hard wired wall switches.

Easy Mounting

Versatile moutning system offers fixing in two different planes into a miniscule 40mm of headroom.

Powerful, quiet AC motor

Powerful AC motor will open and close your door both quietly and with ease.

Light your way

A built-in courtesy light is activated each time you operate your door, providing safe and convenient access for both day and night.

Safe and silent drive

The inverted rail design offers enhanced safety and appearance.