Garage Door Features, Styles & Types

At the Perth Garage Door Company, we offer the largest and most exciting range of garage doors in Perth, so take a look at our exclusive range below, or click the following link to learn more about how these styles and features can affect the price you pay: Perth Garage Door Prices.


Your garage door is one of the important visual features at the front of your home and that’s why it is important you choose a style that compliments your home. This is why Perth Garage Door Company offer a range of styles and designs sure to enhance any home.


The colours represented are as close to the actual product as possible, but we suggest viewing a sample in person before making your selection.


Our windows are as practical as they are pleasing. Not only will they save you switching on the light inside your garage during the day, but they also add a fantastic visual feature to your door design.

Merlin Remotes

We provide a large range of premium garage door remotes from Merlin. Equipped with a high level of security, you can easily clip a Merlin remote on your keys or car visor for convenience. Speak to Perth Garage Door Company to find out more about the range of Merlin remotes on (08) 9279 4551. Email us […]

Tilt Doors

We offer a large range of garage doors which can enhance your home. Limited on space in your garage? The stylish and unique design of a tilt garage door is perfect for you! Tilt garage doors offer security while being easy and fast to open. For a personalised assessment of your garage door needs call Perth […]

Cleveland Doors

If you currently have a Cleveland garage door and you are now looking for an upgrade or repair, speak to Perth Garage Door Company for a wide range of products and services. Contact us today via (08) 9279 4551, or use our contact form to receive a rapid quote within 24 hours!