Avanti Garage Door Opener

Technical Specifications

Maximum Traction Force 1200 (Adj. 500N~1200N)
Standard Garage Door Sizes 4²m ~ 15²m
Wooden Garage Door Sizes 4²m ~ 10²m
Commercial Door Sizes Not Suitable
Motor (Input Voltage/Power Output 24V DC ~ 120W
Radio 433.92MHz, 100 Meters, 12 Transmitters, KEELOG® Technology
Voltage Supply Source 110VA Transformer/SMPS SMPS + 2×1.5Ah Batteries
Running Speed Adjustable 100 ~ 160mm/s
Input Power 200 ~ 240VAC 50 ~ 60Hz (T) 100 ~ 240VAC 50 ~ 60Hz (S) 100 ~ 240VAC 50 ~ 60Hz
Maximum Current 5.5 Amps 5.5/10 Amps
Power Consumption (Standby) 1 W 0.5 W
Safety Devices Manual or Automatic Safety System; Safety Beam Connector
Power Cut Max. Standby Time 0 Hours Approx. 48 Hours
Max. Running Cycles 0 Cycles 20 Cycles

Garage door automation has experienced a remarkable revolution, with the introduction of the New Quite Achiever…AVANTI – the combination of over 25 years industry experience together with the fine tuning of the latest in technological advancements brings you the revolutionary new AVANTI garage door opener.

If you are tired and frustrated with your current operator waking you and your neighbours up, then it’s time to upgrade to the whisper quiet AVANTI. For added convenience the NEW AVANTI™ features a unique Dual Power Supply. The AVANTI™ will get you in your home safe and secure even when the power is out.

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AVANTI boasts the only DC motor in the world which has been specifically designed to meet the high demands of the garage door openers. Traditional DC openers use a wind screen wiper motor borrowed from a car. The AVANTI DC motor has been designed from the ground up.

Easily Accessible Controls

Hinge open the light cover to expose the color coded and clearly labeled controls and connections. No other product combines such functionality and user friendliness

State Of The Art Radio

Standard four channel transmitters with 433.92 MHz hopping code technology provide state of the art security similar to those found in the most expensive car and home alarm systems. Adding our optional universal receiver, that holds up to 250 codes, allows you to utilize your hand transmitter on many additional accessories, such as automatic gate motors, home alarm systems, and main gates or doors of communal car parks total control in the palm of your hand!

Safe And Secure

Your child and pets are safe! Correctly set, your door reverses if obstructed while closing and stops if obstructed while opening. The Dual Safety Obstruction Force Adjustment modes ensure that the Opener can be optimized to suit virtually any sectional or tip-up type garage door. Of course, genuine 2-wire or aftermarket 4-wire Safety Beams may be connected to the AVANTI for additional peace of mind.

1.) ADAPTIVE MODE constantly monitors incremental drive force value changes that occur due to seasonal conditions and / or garage door ageing. Adaptive Mode compensates for these variables by automatically adjusting Safety Obstruction Force values during every complete cycle, resulting in enhanced safety and minimized chances of garage door “ghosting”.

2.) MANUAL MODE – features conventional one time Safety Obstruction Force value adjustment and is more suited for use on badly worn or improperly balanced garage doors.

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